Contributing to Animated Java

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Animated Java! This guide will help you get started.


Things you'll need installed before you can setup the development environment

Setting up the Development Environment

  1. Clone the Github repo.
  2. Run yarn install to install dependencies.
  3. Run yarn build:dev to start the development environment.
  4. Open Blockbench, then go to File > Plugins > Load Plugin From File and select the animated_java.js file from your local repo (dist/animated-java.js).

Adding Localizations

  1. Follow the steps above to setup the development environment.
  2. Copy the en.yaml file in src/lang/ and rename it to match the language you're translating to.
  3. Translate! Note that you should be testing your translations as you go in Blockbench.
  4. Once you're done translating and testing, open a pull request with your changes.