• Added sound effect preview keyframes.
  • Changed locator and camera entity tags.
    • Locators
      • aj.<project_name>.locator -> aj.<project_name>.locator_origin
      • aj.<project_name>.locator_target -> aj.<project_name>.locator
      • aj.<project_name>.locator.<locator_name> -> aj.<project_name>.locator_origin.<locator_name>
      • aj.<project_name>.locator_target.<locator_name> -> aj.<project_name>.locator.<locator_name>
    • Cameras
      • aj.<project_name>.camera -> aj.<project_name>.camera_origin
      • aj.<project_name>.camera_target -> aj.<project_name>.camera
      • aj.<project_name>.camera.<camera_name> -> aj.<project_name>.camera_origin.<camera_name>
      • aj.<project_name>.camera_target.<camera_name> -> aj.<project_name>.camera.<camera_name>


  • Fixed incorrect function paths in locator and camera summoning functions
  • Fixed incorrect entity tags on locators and cameras



  • Fixed broken DFU.
  • Fixed broken load tag.


To update from 0.3.9 to 0.4.x, you will need to delete the old namespaces created by AJ, and remove any of the old AJ function references from your minecraft:tick and minecraft:load function tags.


The structure update

Major Breaking Changes

Data Pack Exporter

  • The Data Pack Exporter has had its file structure refactored. You will need to update any function calls to use the animated_java namespace. For example, if you are calling the summon function <project_name>:summon, you will need to change it to be animated_java:<project_name>/summon
  • The Resource Pack Exporter has had similar changes. You'll find all exported Animated Java assets in the animated_java namespace.
  • Renamed pause_all_animations to pause_all to reduce redundancy.

JSON Exporter

  • The JSON Exporter has been completely re-written and re-structured. A JSON schema for the exported JSON file can be found in the exporter's source folder.


Data Pack Exporter

  • Added the ability to export the Data Pack and Resource Pack into the same root folder (if both data and assets are present). Useful for beet users! :beetboi:
  • Added a bunch of function tag hooks that may or may not work yet.
  • Added settings to toggle certain function tags.
  • Added new entity tags for cameras and locators.


  • Added missing Ko-fi supporters. :heart:
  • Added a shameless plug. :flush:
  • Polished a few UI bits and bobs.


  • Custom root entity and bone entity NBT will now properly merge with Animated Java's internal NBT.
  • Fixed override for custom_model_data: 1 being duplicated every time a rig was exported.
  • Removed a few debug console.log calls
  • Small Variants pannel improvements.
  • Fixed Affected bones list duplication and indexing issues